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Launch of Farfisa's GSM Audio Entry System range......
We are delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new range of GSM Audio Entry Solutions from Farfisa. It can accommodate from 1 to 50 users, is simple to set-up with both USB and SMS text programming options and because it's part of their Profilo entry panel range you can integrate other useful modules such as keypads and keyfob readers. See the GSM Entry shop page for more details.

IP Entry

We now supply the 2N range of IP Door Entry Systems which communicate from the Entry Panel at the door to the user via your IP network. This technology remove the need for special cabling from the Entrance to the user where other cabling already exists such as computer network cabling.

These systems can accomodate many users, providing Call, optional Colour Video, 2-way Audio and Lock Release functionality between the user and the Entrance. So, with the video option, the user can see their visitor on their PC, video SIP phone, tablet or smartphone before responding to them. Additionally the systems have the option of a digital keypad at the Entry Panel for pincode entry.


These systems offer Call, 2-way Audio, optional Video and Lock Release between your entrance and any PC, tablet or SIP phone on your LAN without the need for special wiring simply by plugging the Entry Panel into your computer network (LAN) or SIP-based PABX system.


1 to 30 users on Standard version either using discrete Call buttons or a Digital Keypad for office/user number entry
1 to 1000 users on Professional version incorporating digital phonebook plus menu-driven colour LCD on Entry Panel
Optional IP-based Video stream to your PC so you can see your visitor
Very easy to install and operate with virtually no wiring
Web-based programming
DHCP Client
Now with Cisco Accreditation
Weatherproof with IP53 rating
Entry Panel simply connects to your computer network or SIP-based PABX system
Includes 1 x Relay switch for unlocking
Optional Digital Keypad for pincode entry
Entry Panel can be flush-mounted or surface mounted with the use of backboxes or rain shelters as appropriate
Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Please contact us with your requirements. We can help you select the best option for your application.

1-button agora IP video panelFarifsa 1-button IP Video Entry System

Farfisa Agora 1-button IP video entry system comprising:

IPV11AGLS - Farfisa 1-button IP Video Entry Panel

PRS210 - Farfisa 13Vac Power Supply

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