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Launch of Farfisa's GSM Audio Entry System range......
We are delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new range of GSM Audio Entry Solutions from Farfisa. It can accommodate from 1 to 50 users, is simple to set-up with both USB and SMS text programming options and because it's part of their Profilo entry panel range you can integrate other useful modules such as keypads and keyfob readers. See the GSM Entry shop page for more details.

AEC Wireless Gate System (AC-powered)

Wireless Entry System with AC-powered Radio/Controller, 1-button armoured Entry Panel with keyfob reader, portable mains-recharged Handset Phone and keyfob.

This system enables you to welcome and filter your visitors. Because it's wireless and mobile, users can move around anywhere in their home with the interior handset. You can also remotely control the opening of several access points (door or gates) from your handset and the keyfob.

System Comprises:

1 x back-lit outdoor armoured entry panel (surface-mount) with keyfob reader incorporated
1 x proximity keyfob
1 x AC-powered Radio/Controller
1 x mains-recharged portable wireless handset with charging cradle


Users welcome and filter visitors using the handset
Control up to 4 electrical latches or locks (pedestrian gate access)
Control up to 4 automatic gates (car access)
Latch and/or automatic gate can be controlled from the street using the keyfob.
Full duplex digital communication
1-button armoured entry panel is surface-mounted so no rebating is necessary
Entry Panel is backlit and has keyfob reader incorporated
You can add up to 3 further handsets enabling intercommunication between handsets
The status of entrances can be viewed on the handset at any time
Radio/Controller powered from 12Vac to 24Vac supply (not supplied)
Handset can be used in hands-free or handheld mode
9 types of ring tone and 4 sound levels possible
Handset has up to 15-day battery life from lithium battery when left off its base
LCD screen on handset for viewing status of latches or gates, battery status, radio signal strength and audio level setting
Up to 100 metres free-field range
Up to 16 Keyfobs can be added to the system
Controller has built-in control of any type of automatic gate that can be operated manually using a dry contact, and can also activate electrical latches or locks (12V/1.5A max.)
2-year Guarantee
Manufactured in Europe
CE and RoHS compliant


SC100AU - Indoor wireless handset phone with mains-powered base
SC100AX - Indoor wireless handset phone with battery-powered base
TAGID - Proximity Keyfob
PRS210 - 230Vac to 12Vac Converter

Part Number

SC901AU - AEC Wireless Gate System (ac-powered)



Wireless Gate Entry System
wireless gate entry panel 1-button
Wireless Radio/Controller
wireless digital handset phone