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Launch of Farfisa's GSM Audio Entry System range......
We are delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new range of GSM Audio Entry Solutions from Farfisa. It can accommodate from 1 to 50 users, is simple to set-up with both USB and SMS text programming options and because it's part of their Profilo entry panel range you can integrate other useful modules such as keypads and keyfob readers. See the GSM Entry shop page for more details.

AEC's Wireless Door Entry Solutions

Whether for a house or an apartment building or an office we can offer the right Wireless solution for entry control. Our systems require virtually no wiring or installation work inside the home or office. The wireless radio options have a free-field range of up to 100 metres whilst the IP option is only limited by your computer network and the GSM option just needs a decent phone signal. Plus entry can be controlled from up to 50 apartments or offices.

The wireless solutions let you answer callers and control access wherever you happen to be in the premises plus the IP solution has optional video streaming to your PC, tablet or SIP phone.

Our wireless solutions are divided into four areas:

1. Wireless Radio Entry systems for single dwellings such as homes or small offices
2. Wireless Radio Entry systems for multi-apartment/office buildings up to 30 users
3. GSM Entry systems for single dwellings and multi-apartment/office developments up to 50 users
4. IP Entry systems for anything from single offices to developments with up to 1000 users

1-way gsm audio entry panel with keypad
wireless radio audio entry handset
IP 3-button video entry panel with keypad

1. Wireless Radio Entry Systems for Single Dwellings

These systems enable you to welcome and filter your visitors. Because it's wireless and mobile, users can move around anywhere in their home with the interior handset. As the name suggests, with wireless door entry there is very little wiring or installation work and you have a free-field range of up to 100 metres.

The 1-way wireless audio entry system we distribute has become the industry standard for Wireless Gate Entry System applications. The system offers call, 2-way audio, integrated keyfob reader for keyless entry at the panel, optional keypad for pincode entry and remote lock/gate release from the wireless handsets.
Plus we can now offer two options for supplementing the system with additional handsets - both mains-recharged and battery-only variants.

To purchase any of our products from our wireless range for the home or office please visit the Wireless Entry -Single section of our Shop

2. Wireless Radio Entry Systems for Multi-Apartment/Office buildings

These systems are a world first and make for simple and efficient installation in buildings with up to 30 apartments. They are up to five-times faster to install than a wired system, there's no need to enter each apartment and no heavy work is required on the premises which makes them ideal for retro-fits and difficult sites such as listed buildings and conversions.

The wireless entry system consists of a low-profile surface-mount Outdoor Entry Panel with armoured cover, a Main Controller backed up by Extension Radio Controllers and Portable Radio Handsets. With its patented multi-occupancy radio technology, there is no need for any wiring between the entry panel and the handsets.

System Data

Failsafe Dynapass Wireless Radio transmission
Radio range of up to 100 metres in free-field conditions
On average, one radio controller is suitable for communicating to 6 apartments.
For larger apartment buildings simply add radio controllers (up to a maximum or 7)
High quality two-way audio without distortion
Simple radio programming
Mains-powered (230Vac)
2-year Guarantee
Manufactured in Europe
CE and RoHS compliant

Interior Handsets

Common Features

LCD screen
Can control a latch or electrical lock
Displays the opening status of main doors and opening devices
Handsfree or handheld operation
Handset completely recharged in 24 hours
Uses Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Supplied with wall-mounted plug-in Charger
Unlimited number of handsets per home/apartment/office
Ring volume adjustment
Provides visual indication of Radio Reception Strength
IP41 environmental protection
Handset dimensions - 255mm x 60mm x 28mm


Can be supplied with a battery-operated base instead of standard mains recharging system
Can communicate with 2 different entrances
Can control up to 2 latches/electrical locks (12V/1.5A max)
Can control up to 2 automatic gate systems operating with a dry contact type manual operating mechanism
Can control up to 2 automatic garage door systems
Can control external lighting (when not communicating)

Outdoor Entry Panel


Slim and stylish appearance
Surface-mounted for easy installation
Armoured metal cover is standard on multi-apartment systems
Permanently back-lit name tags
From 1 to up to 30 Caller Buttons
10 metres of cable supplied with each multi-apartment systems module
IP54 environmental protection
Optional digital keypad for PIN code entry

Main Controller


Controls and supplies power to all types of standard 12V electrical locks/latches (1.5A max)
Controls electrical latches or electromagnetic closers with external power supply (operating mechanism to be connected to a 16V rms max/22.6V max peak/30V dc max. circuit)
Input terminals for connection of a dry-type door position contact (normally closed) to display door/gate status on handsets
Back-up battery with 2-day life in the event of mains power failure
IP54 environmental protection
Adjustable latch control time and automatic opening device time
Dimensions of 160mm x 235mm x 70mm

Standard Radio Controller and Extension Radio Controller


Failsafe Dynapass wireless radio transmission
Telescopic antenna
IP54 environmental protection
Dimensions of 160mm x 235mm x 70mm
Back-up battery with 2-day life in the event of mains power failure

For more information relating to our wireless range for multi-apartment/office buildings please visit the Wireless Entry -Multi section of our Shop

3. GSM Door Entry Systems for 1 to 50 Users

The mycom GSM system from Farfisa offers Call, 2-way Audio and Lock Release x 2 between your entrance (gate/door) and any telephone number with the minimum of wiring by using a GSM module integrated in the panel to effectively make a 30-second call from the Entry Panel to your landline or mobile phone wherever you are. All you need is good mobile network reception at the entrance.


Modern, practical and contemporary design
Entry Panel incorporates both GSM module and antenna internally so there is no fitting or wiring to a separate module or antenna required
Very easy to install and operate
Up to 3 phone numbers can be programmed in to call in sequence if no answer
High quality two-way talk
Entry panel is backlit with an elegant soft green light
Provides remote entry to visitors from your telephone
Rugged anodised aluminium entry panel with Rain Shelter for convenient surface-mounting or optional back box available for flush-mounting
SIM Card is required, a pre-paid SIM can be conveniently managed
Programming by USB, SMS (texting) or directly onto SIM card
CE and RoHS compliant
CLIP function available allowing caller identification for lock releasing
Developed and manufactured in Italy
Optional digital keypad can be incorporated into entry panel for pincode entry

For more information relating to our GSM products please visit the GSM Entry section of our Shop

4. IP Door Entry Systems for 1 to 1000 Users

This system offers Call, 2-way Audio, optional Video and Lock Release between your entrance and any PC or SIP phone on your LAN without the need for special wiring simply by plugging the Entry Panel into your computer network (LAN) or SIP-based PABX system.


1 to 30 users either using discrete Call buttons or a Digital Keypad for office/user number entry
Optional IP-based Video Stream to your PC so you can see your visitor
Very easy to install and operate with virtually no wiring
Web-based programming
Professional version has a phonebook with up to 1000 entries plus menu-driven colour LCD on Entry Panel
DHCP Client
Time-scheduled calling
Weatherproof with IP53 rating
Entry Panel simply connects to your computer network or SIP-based PABX system
Includes 1 x Relay switch for unlocking
Optional Digital Keypad for pincode entry
Entry Panel can be flush-mounted or surface mounted with the use of backboxes or rain shelters as appropriate
Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet)

For more information relating to our IP products please visit the IP Entry section of our shop

1-way gsm audio door entry panel
1-way wireless radio entry panel with keypad
mains-recharged wireless multi radio handset