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Launch of Farfisa's GSM Audio Entry System range......
We are delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new range of GSM Audio Entry Solutions from Farfisa. It can accommodate from 1 to 50 users, is simple to set-up with both USB and SMS text programming options and because it's part of their Profilo entry panel range you can integrate other useful modules such as keypads and keyfob readers. See the GSM Entry shop page for more details.

Handsfree 2-wire Colour Video Entry Systems from Farfisa

Farfisa's sleek handsfree 2-wire digital Colour Video Entry System range for apartment buildings offers high quality colour video with night illumination, two-way talk and remote electrical unlock for between 1 and 200 apartments. It comprises a stylish handsfree colour video monitor with a 3.5" tiltable LCD screen and a slim robust range of aluminium video entry panels with colour camera installed over just 2 non-polarised wires!

Our video entry systems have plenty of features as standard plus you can add many more such as digital keypads for pincode entry, proximity readers, multiple entry panels, additional monitors and audio-only handsets. And we now offer full pre-programming of all digital systems to your requirement prior to shipment.

Video door entry systems for single dwellings such as homes and offices can be found in the 1-way Kits section of our shop

handsfree colour video lcd monitor
digital colour video door entry panel
Exhito Colour Video LCD Monitor


High quality colour video
Handset-free Monitors
Night-Vision with visible illumination built-in
High quality two-way talk
Digital system providing noise-free performance and a multitude of functions
Capacity of up to 200 apartments
Surveillance function allows the user to monitor their doorstep discreetly
Communication between monitors is possible
Stylish and ergonomic design
Nameplates and buttons on Entry Panel are backlit with green light
2-wire non-polarised wiring
LCD Monitor is very slim and can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted as desired
Very easy to install and operate
Rugged aluminium entry panel for flush mounting only
Remote electrical doorlock release output
Monitors incorporate high quality 3.5 inch colour TFT LCDs tiltable on their horizontal axis for easy viewing
Video Monitors available in White
Indoor video monitors have brightness, ring mute and volume controls
Digital Keypad-version Entry Panel will call up to 200 apartments and can also be used for pincode entry
Cable range of up to 150 metres
CE and RoHS compliant
Monitor dimensions - 208mm wide x 103mm high x 26mm deep
Entry Panel dimensions - 17mm deep when flush-mounted, width and height dependent on number of buttons
Developed and manufactured in Europe by an ISO9000 company
Systems include indoor handsfree video monitors in white, door video entry panel, power supplies, backboxes and decoders as specified except digital keypad system where monitors are purchased separately


Additional Echos Handsfree LCD Video Monitors
Farfisa Audio Handset Phones part no. EX321
Digital Keypad incorporated into Entry Panel for pincode entry
Proximity Reader incorporated into Entry Panel for proximity tag access
Rain Shelter for Surface-Mounting of Entry Panel
Electric Locks
Twisted-pair Duo cable

Part number

EH9262PLCW/X - Farfisa 2-wire Colour Video Entry System where X is number of apartments
EH9262PLCW/DIG - Farfisa 2-wire Colour Video Door Entry System incorporating Digital Entry Panel for calling up to 200 apartments and pincode entry, excludes handsfree monitors which can be purchased separately
EH9262CW - Farfisa 2-wire Handsfree Colour LCD Video Monitor in white

To purchase please visit the Video Entry section of our shop

handfree colour lcd video monitor
4-button Colour Video Door Entry Panel
Exhito Colour Video Entry Monitor